October 16, 2014

Travel Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound
I have traveled far and wide across the miles of many of these United States, staking claim to houses to call 'Home' in several of them, some more than once. Yes, when homeward bound, I seem to veer toward directions of familiar places.

Ruthi Arriving in Ohio 1999
Buckeye born and bred in the state of Ohio, with the bulk of my family still residing there, I find myself drawn back on occasion. I first left Ohio at the age of 15 and have returned to live there twice as an adult, at times when life-changing events had me feeling that old familial need.

Ruth & Tidbit Arrive in Florida 2013
The sunny state of Florida has always felt like a second home to me. It is where my Mom lay buried. It is where I gave birth to my son.

My life travels have led me away from, then back to, Florida a couple of times. It is where I now live.

Here, I lost my dog Tidbit--my best friend and gift of true love from the Universe. I no longer enjoy this place where I shared the last year and a half of Tidbit's life. Its tropical beauty means nothing without her by my side.

Again, I find that feeling of heart discontent and the mind ponders a rightful place to call home. It has been a tough year. (And it isn't over yet!)

Skip Hunt Go West

Homeward Bound Choices

  • Ohio: Take me home to those country roads of familiarity and family and friend.
  • Florida: Stay planted where I am and learn to live it and love it.
  • North, East, South, or... Go West!

I turned sixty this year ... Yes, 60! I wonder whether I am ready to head home to the land of my birth for the last time, full circle. I wonder, is it truth that home is where the heart is. I wonder too, do I have enough energy and years left for another incredible journey? I guess time will tell me the answers to my pondering.

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