October 2, 2014

Whirlwind of Writing and Creativity

Little Whirlwind
It has been a whirlwind of writing and creativity in my life online of late. I figured it time I give you an update of what has consumed my time and effort. The writing platform where I had published most of my creative writing and reviews for the past three years is now gone, Squidoo having sold out to another writing site, HubPages.

Join Ruth Cox on Wizzley
Members of Squidoo were given the opportunity to go along with the sellout but I chose to opt out of that sell-me-out deal. Instead, I chose to move on to a writing community of my choosing. I am working diligently to publish my article writings, old and new, on the Wizzley platform for writers. My Wizzley portfolio is growing stronger every day!

I have also been relatively busy this past month creating another blog for you to enjoy, geared especially toward dog lovers. Today I would like to direct your attention to DOG PAWSITIVE TIDBITS, inspired by my dog Tidbit and the paw prints of her pups. I am ever so excited about this blog project!

Dog Pawsitive Tidbits
My books for kids blog is being restructured, due to many links and references to that old writing site.

Even this abitosunshine blog (where you are now) is in disarray, and will also get a much-needed face lift soon, but that's alright, as I am up to the challenge!

I find I am rather enjoying this whirlwind of creative activity, especially since my projects are now of my choosing and not being directed by the needs and desires of a site owner and staff more interested in their own agenda and not mine.

I find I am smiling more now as I work and I am much more productive and motivated. And I am earning online better now than before. Now if that isn't motivation enough for me then I don't know what possibly could be!

Writer's Unite
As a writer and blogger I am delighted to be linking this blog article up with Writer's Unite over at Marsha's Spot. Marsha hosts this weekly blog hop for writers, so if you're a writer and a blogger you're invited to come join us!