September 27, 2020

Bookmarks by abitosunshine

My first bookmarks for my Zazzle store are inspired by my friend and roommate, Stephanie. These bookmarks were created at her request so she could mark her recipes for the week in her cookbooks.

Stephanie's Cookbook Markers by abitosunshine
Set of Bookmarks for Stephanie

Monday pictures her Zucchini bits, which utilized leftovers along with her homegrown zucchini. Tuesday is a cartoon carrot, waving in the Wednesday kitchen queen.

Not wanting to leave out her spouse, on Thursday we picture bread made by Eric. Bread and wine are a staple in this house! Friday serves up an image of homemade pizza, usually made by the two of them, together.

Saturdays, our cups runneth over with coffee, hot or iced.

We finish off the week with nuttin' but sweet sunshine. And yes, that is one of our homegrown sunflowers which produced two pints of sunflower seeds for next year's planting!

These bookmarks are printed on a poly satin ribbon. The colors and printing are fantabulous!

Be sure to visit abitosunshine and order yours today and for the cooks in your family and friendship circle. Check the Bookmarks by abitosunshine collection periodically for additional bookmarkers being created, not just for cooks, for all readers of books.

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July 23, 2020

Zucchini Bites a la Stephanie

Zucchini Bites a la Stephanie
Stephanie's Zucchini Bites
Someone else's cooking always tastes so good!

Not that I can't cook, mind you. It's just that I work in the restaurant industry, currently as a cook, so the last thing I want to do after work is cook!

My roommate Stephanie has been gardening and her zucchini plants are quite productive. Last week we feasted on her zucchini lasagna. It was fabulous!

However, she still has plenty more zucchinis where those came from.

The other day a friend shared a Zucchini Bites recipe on Facebook and I had to share it with Stephanie. "Hmmm," she said. "I have everything I need to make this."

Tonight when I came in from work I was greeted by Stephanie and Eric finishing up dinner, with leftovers for me, yippee! Stephanie had used her homegrown zucchinis to try out the recipe. Her Zucchini Bites were delicious! And healthy. And best of all ... I didn't have to cook them!

Thank you for putting your homegrown food on our table, Stephanie!

April 3, 2019

Spring Swagbucks Referral Reward Bonus

Spring is here and there is no better time to start earning free gift cards through Swagbucks!

Spring Swagbucks

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