October 7, 2014

Autumn Harvest Steampunk Surprise

Backstory of the Surprise

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As I opened the door to step outside on the deck for a bit of sunshine and fresh air, much to my surprise a box perched upon the railing caught my eye. My eyes went straight to the word THANKS on the box, which for some reason made me smile. On further inspection I began to chuckle—it was a box of cereal!

Without a doubt I knew it was a package from my friend Coletta, for being mindful of recycling she would be the one friend I have who would re-purpose an old cereal box for shipping purposes. And I knew exactly what surprise awaited inside the box. Or so I thought!

What I thought was inside the box I shan't show on this post, as I'm saving it for another article of surprise, the link to which you will find at the end of this article. Yes, it arrived, but along with it was truly an autumn harvest gift from my friend and one which was totally unexpected.

Autumn Harvest Steampunk Wreath

Coletta has a knack for utilizing leftover scraps from sewing and craft projects. Creatively up-cycling, Coletta created, and bestowed upon me, one of her Victorian Steampunk Halloween Decorations.

I now have this delightful fall wreath hanging on my bedroom door. Yes, I'm selfish, it's just for me!

This lovely wreath will decorate my door throughout the autumn harvest season and last on through to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. Ah! The holiday of giving ... THANKS.

Oh! I nearly forgot to show you the way to the other surprise that was in my gift box from Coletta ... Meet Sally, my voodoo rag doll and Ambassador of Ruthi Reads Books For Kids!


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