October 5, 2014

Sunday Morning Sol

In the spirit of sharing abitosunshine I bring you a bit of Sunday morning Sol.

The inspiration for this design presented in image and haiku came from thoughts on comments and discussions over the years about my so-called non-Christian attitude about church attendance.

For your information ... Yes, I am a Christian. And yes, I am a worshiper of Sol.

I do not believe I must attend church on Sunday mornings to call myself a believer of God. I do not believe I must sun bathe at the beach to call myself a believer of Sol.

I guess it fair to say I live a broadly defined spiritual life wherein I'm a believer of gods within. Thus, I consider myself a daily communicant with God and Sol—from the comfort of body and mind wherever I am.

To me, that sure beats heading off to church "to mess with the preacher" or telling someone they shall "rot in hell" for something they have done or not done. Yes, I've been witness to both sinful scenarios!