October 9, 2014

Hugs and Smiles Time Travel Thursday

Ruthi and Billy Airport Hugs
My dear friend Karen gave me a much-needed cyber hug today. This gave my mind reason to travel back in time for other special hugs. Pictures in my mind becoming not enough, I began a search through old photos and found many such hugs and smiles.

Talk about time travel! I found these mother and child photos of my son and me, taken fifteen years ago. The year was 1999, the first official Cox family reunion.

Ruthi and Billy Airport Smiles
My son, Billy, flew from south Florida to central Ohio for this family gathering. Upon his arrival at the airport I received a much-needed hug from my son. 

Oh, how quickly a loving embrace can put a smile upon a face!

What a reminder on this Thursday in 2014 to never doubt the power of a hug, whether in person or across the miles. Both ensure much-needed smiles.

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Should you wish to learn more about the power of embracing others, read the book Reflections of Amma, about a global mother known world-wide as the "Hugging Saint."

Time Travel Thursday

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