January 17, 2014

Squidoo Contributors Are Fantabulous

For those who are members of the Squidoo writing community or those of you who are online friendly with a Squidoo writer or a few, you may have already heard about the latest fantastic and fabulous new goings-on, that of Squidoo Contributors. We - yes, I am honored to be one - are FANTABULOUS!

A Contributor on the Squidoo platform is nothing more, nothing less than an authority on a specific topic. Most are considered experts in their designated writing category.

I am going to direct you to just a few of my friends who are official Squidoo Contributors. Each of these writers has written their own introductory article to explain their topic of expertise. And what a FANTABULOUS variety of information they share!

Squidoo Contributors I Highly Recommend

The short list above is just a smattering of topics to be covered by Squidoo Contributors. There are many wonderful writers on Squidoo who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

More FANTABULOUS News For Me Today

My Solar Indoor Sun Chimes article was presented with a Squidoo Purple Star! The editorial team of Squidoo found my article noteworthy and I certainly appreciate the gift ot this award of excellence.

You can be a Squidoo writer too! Join Squidoo today and become part of the pleasure of sharing your creativity and writing treasures.


You can add your blog post link and title anytime during the week to each week's post here at abitosunshine.

Without a doubt you have something fantastic and fabulous to share with the world too. So go ahead, blog about it, and then submit your blog link to the list at the end of this article.

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