January 10, 2014

Help Another Help Oneself

I guess the best way of explaining my Fantabulous Friday topic of the day is a wee explanation of my "abitosunshine" moniker. One word is broken into four - a bit o' sunshine - no letter "f in of" as I use the apostrophe in its place to speed up and smooth out the process.

The process of abitosunshine is quite simple. Every time I spread a bit o' sunshine into the life of another, its rays bounce back at me - tenfold! I've helped someone else and helped myself at the same time. FANTABULOUS!

Now, I have learned to apply this process in support of my friends who work to earn extra income online, just like I am trying to do. A perfect example of this is in the promotion of a friend's design work, in this particular case, her Zazzle store.

In December, Sylvestermouse shared her Flying Seagull Binder. Being a lover of seabirds I was instantly drawn to the beauty. But of course, when I see a good thing I share it! I did just that on my Facebook timeline status.

Now, I also have my own Zazzle store (abitosunshine, go figure!) Checking my earnings at one point I saw that I had earned referral earnings for Sylvestermouse's Seagull! FANTABULOUS!

 I was so excited. Seriously, I get so tickled when I promote something and it sells - that's sunshine, pure and sweet! The really cool thing is that both of us made money on that sale. In fact, each of us made $3 and change. FANTABULOUS! 

Now, you can do exactly the same thing in supporting others and supporting yourself at the same time. All you need to do is get yourself set up as a Zazzle Associate (which automatically makes you an affiliate.) It is not necessary for you to design products of your own (though you might want to) in order to earn income by promoting the designs of others.

How To Become A Zazzle Associate

  1. Visit www.zazzle.com
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. Register with required information.

NOTE: Always sign in before you begin to design or search for products to promote. This will assure that when you click on the "Share" and "Link" button your Zazzle Associate ID will automatically be provided in the links you share.

You are well on your way to promoting others, which is a win-win situation for you both. FANTABULOUS!

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