January 24, 2014

Boogie on Down to the Main Attraction

My friends who know me well enough to know I do not dance, at all--ever (well, I did once with a very special fella at the wedding of friends of mine) would be proud of me - Today I got up out of my desk chair and boogied! My dog Tidbit thought her Momma had lost her mind and my housemate Scott just laughed and shook his head.

My Fantabulous Boogie Theme Song for Today

A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action - Toby Keith sings the song and I boogie, baby! Yes, I am dancing in my chair as I type this article.

From Whence the Idea Came

My morning reading of Seth Godin's blog post today triggered this boogie-woogie girl into less talk and more action. 

The Main Attraction - REVIEW THIS!

We - a united team of Squidoo Contributors - are putting into practice what Godin refers to as "...your work and your learning benefits you and the people you care about."

Visit us, share us, subscribe to us, and then - REVIEW THIS! You will find we give you links to many writing review prompts in our articles.

How fantastic and fabulous that which we share can be for others. Never doubt it! You never know how what it is you may share that may breathe an idea into the life of another.

I invite you to do just that by sharing something in a blog post of your own and returning here to link it up with FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!

You can link your blog post up right here  at the bottom of this post anytime throughout this week, so if you are busy talking instead of acting today, boogie on back another day!