January 5, 2014

Funny Face for Silly on Sundays

For most of my life I have hidden behind the camera capturing the antics of others rather than allowing my own funny face to be plastered in permanence on a picture.

Speaking of funny faces reminds me of an old Donna Fargo Country Music song from the 1970s from which I picked my CB Radio handle (code name).

One's CB handle is generally chosen as a representation of the person behind the code name. In my case, this really was not so. The Funny Face song is one I often sang to my toddler son William, for back then my whole world really was wrapped up in him, making me feel like The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A.

Now, don't get me wrong, back then if you did manage to point a camera at me I would most often make a funny face so you would capture the silly side of me, for way back when I had a spirit of frivolity--hidden beneath my somewhat serious side that you would most often see.

Going through some old photos the other day, I ran across just such a snapshot of silliness. Here I am, caught in the act of posing for a picture of playfulness when the one behind the camera had obviously tried to capture my creative side. Just as the lens zoomed in on me holding knitwork in hand, I interlaced the photographic yarn with a funny face to be captured forevermore.

Sometimes my knitting needles had their own way of crafting storied folly, which I share here in my knitting needle accident tale wherein a pointed needle I did nearly inhale! (A bit funny now, but it sure wasn't way back when.)

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Susan, myself, and other bloggers will stitch together in silliness each Sunday. We shall surely have you laughing along with us, keeping you in stitches with our silly storytelling.