January 12, 2014

Silly Transom Window Visitor

One chilly winter morning, years ago, I awoke to a knocking on my front door. I dragged myself out of the comfort of my warm bed, following my barking dogs to the door. Of course I muttered aloud all the way down the stairs as I fussed with mussed-up hair, "How dare someone wake me at this hour?"

Both dogs, I thought acting silly, sniffed the air as I opened the door to wintry white glare and not a soul stood there. "Well, I declare," I shouted as I followed the pointed up-in-the-air stares and sniffing noses of the canines.

Much to our surprise, a silly squirrel had let himself in and sat still as could be on the transom window sill. Dogs whimpered and whined and danced around the room as I ran to grab a camera to capture a glance of this uninvited visitor of theirs and mine.

Figuring this nutty door knocker seeking shelter from winter winds might be a bit hungry as well as chilly and silly, I handed him a snack of wild bird seed upon which to feed. Sure enough, the critter responded with a raspy sound, seemingly saying, "Thanks a bunch," as I handed him more upon which to munch.

Of course, in the end I had no choice but to chase the poor squirrel back outside, in fear of his hide I thought might just collide with the gnashing of teeth belonging to the dogs beneath his window seat.

With good reason I had given silly squirrel lee from the cold clime for a few moments in time and food for his hungry belly. I smiled as I shooed the nutty fellow out the door, hoping he would one day come back for more.

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