January 31, 2014

Amazon and Squidoo Golden Opportunity

Today was my Amazon Associate payday and I do enjoy seeing those dollar signs added directly to my bank account as a reward for my work-at-home efforts. I must add, too, that if I had not become a product review writer on Squidoo that I might never have known about affiliate earnings through Amazon being such a golden opportunity.

Squidoo affords me the opportunity to write and publish rave reviews of a variety of products. Consequently, if those items are available for purchase through Amazon I will automatically include them within my article. When a purchase is made via my web page - I earn!

Of course, I also use my direct Associate link within articles here on my blog. For instance, the image and link for the Golden Dollar Sign Porcelain Ornament in this blog article are both directly linked to Amazon via my personal affiliation link, which means if someone clicks on my link to learn more about the ornament, buys it or any other item while browsing through the Amazon marketplace via my link - I earn!

Thank you, Amazon and Squidoo, for being somewhat like the geese that lay golden eggs - FANTABULOUS!

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