January 3, 2014

Fantabulous Friday Blog Hop Fun

I think it fantastic that I learned a fabulous new word today - FANTABULOUS - a combination of two words: fantastic and fabulous.

Oddly enough, I have seen the word fantabulous used many times. In fact, I have probably even said it myself. However, I honestly thought it a made up word for describing something one might view as fantastic and fabulous.

Today, when my friend Diana said, "Fantabulous, Ruthi!" in response to viewing my newly designed Sunset Sea of Serenity Whiteboard, I decided to search for the definition of fantabulous and much to my delight I discovered it really is a word. (Funny thing, the word is nearly as old as me!)

I then decided to make good use of my newfound knowledge. Hence, utilizing my Sea of Serenity photo and Diana's gift of the word fantabulous, a blog hop was born to be hosted here at abitosunshine!

FANTABULOUS FRIDAY is a weekly blog hop, just for bloggers, with a linkup list for sharing your blog post which tells a story about anything you deem, "Fantabulous!"

I expect we bloggers have many fantastic and fabulous things to share and I look forward to a fantabulous bunch of blog posts to read!

Join the FANTABULOUS FRIDAY blog hop fun:

  1. Write an applicable article on your blog. Within your article, you must link to the FANTABULOUS FRIDAY post of the week. You may use my image in your post, too, if you wish.
  2. Submit the link to your blog post (NOT your main blog URL) to the link list at the end of the weekly Host Post.
  3. Leave a comment on my weekly Host Post.
  4. Visit and comment on other FANTABULOUS FRIDAY links on the list.

NOTE: Links may be submitted anytime throughout each week, so be sure to return to see if there are new submissions to read.

Are you a blogger who will be joining in on the FANTABULOUS FRIDAY fun found here in abitosunshine?