November 29, 2013

Melancholy Turns Joyous Thanksgiving Day

Happy belated Thanksgiving! And this Joy Solar Powered Garden Word Art states perfectly how my day turned out to be. It was filled with joy!

The spirit of thanksgiving is a year-round thing so every day is a day for giving thanks. That said, I could not wait to share with my readers how my melancholy day turned into a joyous occasion.

I began my favorite holiday with an attitude of gratitude; however, melancholy thoughts seeped in, as they often do this time of year. I did what I do best when this happens, I began writing my thoughts and feelings down - the result quite cathartic and the end result joyous!

You can read about the purging of my emotions of the day and see the face of my joy right here and add your own thoughts of the day in the page comments if you wish: Give Thanks

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