November 23, 2013

Blessedness of Being a Thankful Soul

It is that time of year again when on the fourth Thursday in November citizens of the USA celebrate Thanksgiving day. It matters not whether you are an American or whether you participate in the traditional festivities of the holiday. What matters most lies in the blessedness of being a thankful soul - learning The Secret of Saying Thanks.

In the spirit of giving thanks, every day, I share the blessing of one of my life lessons with you and I trust you shall accept the gift of its telling and share it with a grateful heart ... Click on the six words to follow.

Thanksgiving is all about the Peaches!

After reading my mom's giving thanks story, shared in her peach pie recipe, I urge you to give pause in giving thanks and publish a thankful writing or blog post of your own. When you do so, you are more than welcome to share the link to your story on the Giving Thanks Link-Up List at the end of this article.

This article is linked up with Six Word Saturday, a blog hop where we share the thoughts of our day in a 6-word sentence or phrase, with or without explanation.