November 7, 2013

Hop and Squidoo Blog Hop is Back

I was delighted to read that Marsha's Spot has brought back the Hop and Squidoo for Squidoo lensmasters to share article writing input and lens links in a blog hop! This gives me good reason to blog today, hooray!

FYI: A "lens" is an article, nothing more and nothing less. It's just what we lensmasters (writers on Squidoo) call them.

Yes, I am proud to say I am a writer on the Squidoo platform! If you are, too, I hope you blog with us and link up each week. If you are not yet writing on Squidoo, sign up right here with my referral link.

You will find this week's Hop and Squidoo return post by Marsha talks about the new format for articles on Squidoo. Personally, I am loving the new formats as they are rolled out, for several reasons:
  • I find it much easier to stay on topic with the guidance provided by Squidoo.
  • The articles are short and sweet in appearance and to the point.
  • I enjoy being able to add my own background images to the page.
  • My affiliate sales, percentage-wise, seem to be better with the new format than with the way of making lenses in the past.

Just this past week I published a recipe lens with the new format. Ohio State Buckeyes and fans will not want to miss my delicious Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candy Recipe.

Go Bucks!