November 16, 2013

Autumn Pairing in Haiku

My dog Tidbit and I generally take a walk to the beach at least once a day. Alas, this past week or so, my furry friend has been feeling the autumn of her years, much like I do on occasion.

Our walk on this cool day in fall was short but sweet, staying within a block of home. We stopped for a moment to visit with a lone dove perched on a fence. As we continued to walk, my mind held thoughts of that lonely bird and I could not help but wonder if sighting of the feathery one all alone was an omen of my life to come without my furry best friend.

Toward our wandering end the dove was gone, sadly so. Then I heard the cooing sound from above. I glanced up and mine eyes took in a pairing of feathered friends winged together on a wire. I was inspired by this autumn view and share it now in dove haiku.

Found friend winged on a wire.

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