November 14, 2013

Hooked on Crochet Friends

Yes, I am hooked on crochet friends and want to share a couple of them with you. Of course, I met both of these gals through the community of Squidoo. Thus, today I will be linking this blog post up with HOP and SQUIDOO over at Marsha's Spot.

And, I must add, Marsha crochets too! You will not want o miss Marsha's toothbrush rugs!

Years ago I was crochet crazed too, but then along came my first computer and I was hooked into a whole new world that consumed so much of my time that I no longer had time for yarn crafts as I was busy sharing my poetry and writings with the world wide web. Along came publishing my articles on Squidoo and there is where I met writers who were writing about their crochet craft too!

A squid being the symbol of the Squidoo writing platform, I decided to purchase myself what I call a "baby squid" from a gal who calls herself Wednesday Elf. How cute! I discovered her crochet pattern for a baby octopus and was happy to find that she sells them too! Sweet, I could have a baby squid and wouldn't have to interrupt my writing to make time to crochet it for myself!

I have now purchased three of these octopus creations from Elf's Etsy shop, Coastal Crochet Crafts. You can see my collection and read all about them right here at All Squids On Deck!

This past week I published an article about a wonderful gift from my friend LisaAuch on Squidoo.

Lisa presented me with the gift of a sunflower and together we share the pattern of the flower of the sun with you so you can crochet yourself or a friend a bit of sunshine too!

And now, I am once again hooked on crochet and have my yarn stash out and plan to begin crocheting myself some holiday decorations! Not to worry, this will not interfere (much) with my writing.

Are you hooked on crochet or other crafty endeavors?