December 3, 2013

Public Domain Pictures Worth 100 Cups Of Coffee

How much is my picture in the public domain worth? Time and premium downloads will tell!

I now embark on a new journey online; this time, sharing my images on the website. I have been utilizing Public Domain on my blogs, creations, and article writings for well over a decade now. And yes, I have bought a cup of coffee or two for a few of my most-used authors of images.

While I am not a photographer and have only a cell phone camera as my lens, I am confident that someone out there in cyberspace shall enjoy my images of life and the views of which I have been graced. It is time to give back to the community that has given so graciously of their photographic creativity to me.

My first entry to the site, and to the public domain, shares a favorite place just a block away from my home here in Lanark Village of Carrabelle, Florida. Enjoy this sunset view and a few others, too, with more to come from Author Ruth Cox on


Of course I have high hopes an image of mine finds its way onto one of the monthly competition winning lists - Anywhere between the $20 to $100 wins would suit me just fine!

Whether a photo of mine wins or not is determined by the number of Premium Downloads by page visitors. Even if my photos do not win the competition dollars, I can still earn a few cents from premium downloads. And yes, somebody just might buy me a cup of coffee!