November 22, 2011

Week of Giving Thanks

TODAY: I give thanks for today ... I give thanks for each sunrise being the blessing of a fresh start in the race of life and for each sunset holding the promise of sweet dreams to be fulfilled ... tomorrow.

WORK: Job-related, my schedule slimmed down to 3 days off, leaving me more time to concentrate on making money with my creative endeavors, online and offline. And, since I won't be working early Sunday mornings, I'll now be able to attend Church services on Saturday evenings. Looking forward to attending the healing and recovery service offered at a local church--invited by a regular customer from work, who is pastor of the church.

HOUSEMATE: Grateful to Scott for all he does to encourage and support me in all that I do. He's a great friend, one whom I give thanks for every day. He has taught me so much about friendship and compassion for others.

FAMILY: My cousin Marsha and her husband, Larry, were thinking of me and how I would be spending my Thanksgiving this year since my Aunt Martha Bell (Marsha's mom) passed away. They stopped by my job to visit me to let me know I was on their mind. How kind!

WEATHER: Still no first snow! There's an autumn chill in the air, as well as a few raindrops falling, but no white stuff is sweet sunshine to me!

LOVE: I am thankful for the gift of loving and being loved. Thankful even for lost loves of my life, for without the love each shared with me a different person I might be.

SLEEP: Insomnia attacks allowed me extra time for creativity this past week. But, a good night of sleep last night has me energized for a day of productivity, too. Dreams being fulfilled with or without sleep!

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