November 11, 2011

Salute of Thanks for Veterans

Regardless of my thoughts and feelings of war (that which I abhor) today is Veterans Day in the USA, and it is the veterans of yore for whom my salute soars...

Nature - American Eagle

Sharing with you a poem I wrote years ago, inspired by a painting I saw online of a mother and child opening a trunk at the foot of a bed which held the memory of a veteran of war...

I Salute
©Ruth Cox

You were there the wondrous day
Upon which I was born,
But you weren’t able to stay,
And from my life you were torn.

Momma holds me ever so tight
As we open up the trunk.
We read the letter every night
About how the ship was sunk.

Your photo catches the tears
Fallen from a loved one’s eye.
Etched into glass are the fears
Of loss we’ll forever cry.

Momma reads aloud by my side
Old news of the war at end,
I wear your jacket with pride,
Life and liberty you did defend.

I listen to what I am told
Of honor held in your heart,
For me the stories are gold,
And from them I’ll never part.

I celebrate the day of my birth,
My moment in time with you.
For all that to me you are worth
I salute our red, white and blue.

Salute a Soldier today.
And pray...
God Bless the USA!

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Veterans Day