February 9, 2013

Moving To Florida On My Mind

Moving to Florida on my mind...
Yes! I am moving to Florida!
Back to Florida, I should say...

My family moved from Ohio to Florida when I was fifteen. Back then, not a move I wanted to make. Teenagers don't generally like moving away from friends. It didn't take me long at all to welcome the Sunshine State into my spirit, where it has remained throughout my life.

I resided in south Florida for twenty-plus years. I would wander through a few moves through quite a few states, ending up back in the state of my youth, Ohio, when I left a domestic violence marriage. Now, ten years later and pretty much recovered, an opportunity has arisen to relocate back to the Sunshine State and I am ready to...

Dive right in to Florida sunshine!

Dive into Sunshine Florida Square

Destination: Carrabelle, Florida - in the Panhandle

Yes! I am moving to Carrabelle!
I will meet net friend Renda!
What a way to celebrate Spring!
Yes! I am moving to Florida!
Six Word Saturday sharing my move!
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