February 2, 2013

Six Word Saturday For My Dog

Six Word Saturday for my dog:

Tidbit visited the vet this morning!

See those sharp ears on my girl, standing up on the alert... Well, that ear on your left was not so perky as of yesterday. In fact, it was folded over from the weight of its swelling. Needless to say, I was a wreck yesterday and did not sleep well last night as I awaited an early morning visit with the vet.

Tidbit has a hematoma on her ear pad. We caught it in the early stages so the swelling will, in all probability increase. Yes, it seems it will get worse before it gets better, but get better it will!

There is no infection in the ear, no cuts or scrapes, nor ear mites. She does, however have skin irritation on the top of her head. She gets this every year or so, usually on her rear, though. Miss mighty priss has sensitive skin! So, the vet is guessing she scratched and rubbed and shook her head from the skin annoyance so much so that she burst the blood vessels in her ear; hence, the hematoma.

Surgery was an option but neither I nor the vet wanted to go that route. One reason: Tidbit has sedation issues so being anesthetized for surgery could cause her to go into convulsions. Another reason: the vet feels surgery is done for cosmetic reasons and is unneccessary--unless at a later time it bursts and becomes infected.

We opted for letting it heal on its own, which will take time--a couple of months! The body will eventually absorb the blood and all will be fine, with maybe a wee bit of disfiguration to the ear. We are treating the skin problem with antibiotic and steroids, which has been done a couple of years ago and worked just fine. This is a quick fix for the scratching, rubbing, and shaking that can further damage her ear.

We are optimistic that all will be just fine, that Tidbit will recover swiftly with nature taking care of the healing process. I will keep you posted, of course.

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