February 12, 2013

Bloggers Call to Action

Yes! If you are a blogger this call to action is meant specifically for you! I want YOU to hear and to heed my plea in the battle against domestic violence and abuse.

Two days ago I published a giveaway blog post, and, as yet, not one person has risen to enter the Love Day Dance and Keychain Giveaway. I am disheartened!

I know many bloggers and authors who SAY they are advocates for the abused, for those who fall victim to violence. Now I point at you and ask that you ACT upon that advocacy. And, if you have not yet become a "point of light" for those who suffer the hands of domestic violence and abuse, NOW is your opportunity to do so.

Please read the details of the giveaway ASAP as it ends in less than 48 hours! Yes! This means you will need to drop everything and get your fingers dancing upon your blogging keyboard to publish and link up an article to aid in furthering abuse awareness.
Will you answer the Bloggers Call to Action?