December 15, 2010

Wave for Wednesday 12/15/2010

With winter here and an end of year near, I just couldn't resist riding this wave when the opportunity presented itself. So, I signed on to Catch A Wave Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by Cindy over at Blogging Hints.

What a fabulous and fun idea! Sure, it's one way of increasing blog traffic and it's another thing added to my ToDo list, but oh, what fun it is to swim the sea of knowledge shared from one blogger to the next! I enJOY sharing myself with new friends, as well as old ... how about you?

Come, catch a wave!

Today, I am, of course, now signed up to follow Cindy the hostess and have gleaned quite a few blogging tips from her already. The great thing is that blog hops help in the success of a blog by adding post consistency; so hop along! And Cindy shared great tips to aid in posting consistency: Scheduling Posts Maintains Blog Consistency.

I spent too much time wavin' at A Little Bit of Everything--oh my gosh, everything is yummy in her world! So much so, that I'm now headed for the kitchen to fix myself something to eat.

Next wave, next Wednesday, if not before!