December 22, 2010

Riding the Wave

Today has truly been a ride-the-wave kind of day for me, emotionally! It's one of those mother/son things that's troubled me, but all will be set right, eventually.

In the wake of the familial tide, I decided to surf a bit through the Catch a Wave Wednesday linky list. This began with my Swagbucks toolbar search for our hostess and I snagged 11 holiday SwagBucks, hooRAYo!

First wave was over at The Globetrotting Gamine, where I heard all about Snoopy love. Seriously, a phone call of pure sweet stuffed-animal sunshine!

Next wave: bassgiraffe's Thoughts, where I learned that BFS is Bored Fish Syndrome, oh my! Check out the Funky Fish for yourself! Perfect! I think I'll stay right here for awhile and swim the ocean blue with the friendly fishes.

Catch you next week!