December 29, 2010

Sun Sails the Snow

Outside my office window is an open field covered with a few waves of winter white. Today it's a beautiful view as I watch the sun sail the snow, setting the mood for Catch a Wave Wednesday!

In keeping with the Wave guidelines, the wave before me took me to visit Mommy Katie. I'll be headed back there after I finish this post, as Katie's kids are sharing a great storytime giveaway!

Followed by Living Like the Kings, I rode the Wave to meet the Kings and read Kat and Jon's sweet and spicy love story. And I also picked up the recipe for a great slow-cooker pot roast!

Next, I'm going to head back over and see what our Catch A Wave Wednesday hostess, Cindy, has been up to this week and see if I can pick up any new blogging hints.

Hop on and I'll be wavin' at ya!