January 26, 2013

Six for Work Six for Play

I am ... Sharing Six Word Saturday ... Hey! That was six words, too! Six Word Saturday (also known as the abbreviated 6WS) is a Saturday blog hop where we are asked to "Describe your life in six words."

Off the JOB for the weekend.
What shall I DO this weekend?
BALANCE work and play this weekend!

Yes! I have the weekend off from my job at Roman's Pizza and Sub Shoppe. I am free to do as I please for two days, hooRAYo! Still, I plan to balance work and play for the weekend. For me, balancing the two is fairly easy as most of my work at home I consider play, too. I so enjoy my online work, so much so that it really is my "me" time, my "play" time, yet I am learning and earning while I work and play. I guess that is one of the differences between a j-o-b and working at home.

Here is my list of ToDos

(Six for work; six for play.)

  1. Publish my Six Word Saturday Post
  2. Create and publish a Squidoo lens
  3. Finish up reading Divide by Zero
  4. Invite YOU to SHARE the LOVE
  5. Make a black bean cabbage stew
  6. Mail a Sunshine Postcard to ... Who?

Now, I am sure I will add a few other things to my ToDo list for the weekend, such as the mundane task of some cleaning of the house or the delightful time set aside to play with my dog. Nonetheless, I will be content to...

Work and play the weekend away!

So tell me...

What will you do this weekend?