January 1, 2013

Happy New Year with the Flu

Yes, I rang out the old year with a flu bug; thus, ringing in the year of 2013 with a Hot Toddy tuned up Cheers!

The weather here this New Year's Day is frightfully cold at just under 30 degrees, with piles of winter white the view through my storm window. Naturally, my plans for this new year's eve and day had to be cancelled but I will enjoy the rest of 2013 once the flu bug has hobbled away.

My blogging aspirations for the new year are to concentrate on quality, not quantity, and in keeping with that goal I plan to do my best to: 1) bring you unique and original content with my blog posts and 2) leave you quality comments on blog posts you share.

These goals have been set by the many things I have learned about writing on the net this past year and most importantly I have learned that the key to knowledge cannot unlock the door unless what is learned is applied (the turning of the key).

I have learned that original content is essential to good blogging. How we share information is much more important than how much information we share. The same applies to our writing of comments on the work of others. Nice post! and Thanks for sharing! mean little; whereas, Great tips regarding quality of content for blogging in the coming year. shows the author you have not just zipped through the article without reading.

Originality and Optimization mean ever so much more to the writer and the reader, assuring that both are on target with the topic.

What did you learn in the past year that you will be applying to your blogging in the new year?

2013 Happy New Year Cheers Shot Glass
Created by Ruthi aka abitosunshine

Happy New Year blessings and a bit o' sunshine for 2013!