January 12, 2013

RedGage Daily Contest Winner 6WS

My offering this week for the Six Word Saturday (also known as 6WS) blog hop is a contest winner announcement.




I won the RedGage Daily Contest!

Yes! On January 3rd I was chosen as the daily winner of the RedGage Daily Contest!

Why is this exciting news I would want to announce to you? Because you could be a winner too! And, because ... Being a winner of the daily contest at RedGage means you will receive a $25 RedGage Visa Card to go along with your bragging rights!

How can YOU become a RedGage daily contest winner?

As you see, it is quite simple for a member of RedGage to earn points towards the daily raffle. You can create and publish knowledge-based content as a blog post right on the RedGage forum.

Or, you can publish an article where you mention and link to a page on RedGage on your own blog. You can also create an invitational link to RedGage within your article.

You can do exactly what I am doing with this article you are now reading. Yes! If you sign up at RedGage via my invitation, I automatically receive 20 points towards winning today's daily raffle! You can bet I would enjoy winning again.

Are you a Member of RedGage? Have you won the RedGage Daily Contest? Are you a member of Six Word Saturday?