December 28, 2014

Sunday Sunshine Shelter Dog

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When I found myself feeling way down low over the passing of my dog Tidbit I visited a local animal shelter to walk a dog. Little did I know then that a docile hound dog in a shelter kennel would become the sunshine of my life.

We choose the shelter dog adoption option! But of course, we hope that you shall too.

My shelter dog Valentino has an important message to share with you. We put it on a postcard so that you shall share it too!

By the way... The sun hanging on the wall above my dog Valentino on the sofa was a handmade gift to me from my son William. He welded it out of scrap iron.

Read more about the dogs who are, or have been, a bit o' sunshine in my heart and home at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits.

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