April 3, 2012

We Love Our Pets

We love our pets and we love that the American Red Cross loves pets too! According to the American Red Cross, April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month.

While pondering what special thing I might do to show my love for my pets during the month of April, I also thought of my friend Renda who is one of many Heroes for the American Red Cross.

As an ARC Hero, Renda committed to personally raise $1,000 for the Red Cross in 121 days! You can monitor her success by friending Renda on Facebook.

FYI: as of this posting Renda has raised $611.00 towards her goal!
(With 87 days to go!)

Donate $5 in your pet's name!
Together we can make a difference!
Donate Now

My canine pals - Tidbit, Scratch, and NewBe - just made a $5 donation to the cause, bringing Renda's goal to $616.00.

HINT: When filling out the donation form for "Name" for "First" I typed Tidbit, for "Middle" I typed Scratch, and for "Last" I typed in NewBe. That's how I got their names on Renda's List of Heroes.

Will you make a donation to the cause? Let me know your pet's name when you do!

BoWoW of Thanks to you!