April 1, 2012

Eleventh Commandment for the Children

National Child Abuse Prevention Month begins today (in the USA). Throughout the month of April we can all take action that will further child abuse awareness ... for the children.

Collin Raye sings it best in this music video...

Honor thy Children

If you are blogging for the children during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, please share your blog post link in the comment section for this blog post.

Along with blogging for the children, I will be sharing many abuse awareness resource and informational links on my Arise Against Abuse page on Facebook. Feel free to like the page and share your links for child abuse prevention. (Keep in mind, I do reserve the right to delete any links I deem unworthy of being shared on my page.)

Take action now ... for the children.

You may also visit Arise Against Abuse on Squidoo for further reading of my poetry and prose on the topic of abuse.