September 3, 2017

Labor of Love Lawn Chair Re-Webbing DIY

Lawn Chair in Need of DIY Re-Webbing
A few weeks ago I sat in my favorite lawn chair and my bottom fell through! Either I needed to lose some weight or the webbing gave way to the outdoor elements. (Probably both, but I'd like to think the latter!) I was so glad that there was not anyone around in the twilight hours to see me fall off my rocker!

This old chair is special in a few ways. It is a rocking lawn chair, one I rocked my woes away in quite a lot while living in a tent in the back yard of friends for a few months. When I upgraded to a home with a roommate, my friends Terry and Mark gave me the chair for my new back yard. This chair had spent twenty-five years at their home, one they had found at a yard sale ... quite a special gift to me!

My roommate Eric took it upon himself to order lawn furniture webbing and out of the blue one night he decided to tackle the DIY project of re-webbing my old chair. I stood by to hand him the screws and lend a hand in the repair of the chair, mostly in support of him taking on this labor of love, during the Labor Day weekend no less. Perhaps Eric is off his rocker too!

Re-Webbing a Chair

Re-Webbing a Lawn Chair

And, not to forget, my roomie has given me a special cup holder tray to hang on the side of my chair, found at a family member's yard sale.

Lawn Chair Tray

While I enjoy a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) undertaking, it is really my roommate who loves a project. As Eric says, "I enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor."

Re-Webbing of Lawn Chair
Thank you for re-webbing my special lawn chair, Eric.

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