December 5, 2015

Dark December Dandelion

Returning home from a dark December neighborhood walk with my dog, I discovered a lone dandelion bloom in my back yard amid the remains of fallen autumn leaves. What a bright spot to find in the cold of a dark winter night. 

Beekeepers know the value of the dandelion flower. It is one of few flowers available to bees throughout the year. Yes, dandelions bloom January through December. So if you care about the dwindling bee population—stop treating dandelions as weeds—pour no more weed killer upon them, please!

I have always enjoyed the beauty of a lawn filled with dandelion we-edibles—sprinkles of sunshine by design I believe them to be. Even now, as an adult, I can sometimes be found making my wish upon the seeds of the flower, holding its seed stalk in hand as I huff and I puff to blow the seeds into the air with my dreams riding on the wings of the wind.

Yes, no matter the weather, there is always a bit o' sunshine to be found, perhaps peeking out of the ground!


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