June 14, 2015

Partridge Pea Plant Plea

Most people are well aware of the environmental expression "turn trash into treasure." In my view of the Partridge Pea plant I saw the flip side — nature's treasure trashed by mankind.

When nature calls, my dog abruptly brings our walk to a halt. While he takes care of his sprinkling of nature business I busy myself with observing our natural surroundings. I am always on the lookout for sprinkles of sunshine to share with my readers.

Partridge Pea Wildflower

My eyes immediately rest upon a tiny treasure of a sunny flower growing out of fern-like leafage. I capture its beauty on my cell phone camera with intentions of spreading a bit of sunshine your way today.

Arriving home from our neighborhood walk, my dog settles in for a nap while I begin searching the internet in hopes of identifying this beauty of a blossoming plant. My research results in the discovery that this is a Partridge Pea plant, a native Florida wildflower, and is of the legume family.

Interestingly, I learn that the doves which perch on overhead wires in my neighborhood (as well as many other birds and wildlife) feed upon the seeds of the Partridge Pea in fall and winter. In downloading my pictures to my computer for viewing, I was certainly given food for thought!

Read and Heed the Partridge Pea Plea

Taking a closer look at my images, I came to realize that my observational skills were seriously lacking. While my focus was on the beautiful wildflower treasure I did not even see that its beauty grew out of a pile of trash left behind by mankind — cigarette butts!

I can now see and hear the plea of the Partridge Pea plant. Smoker or non-smoker, I hope that you can too...

Do not trash the treasure of Mother Nature!

Please don't litter nature with your cigarette butts!

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Birds, butterflies, and bees will love you for planting Partridge Peas!

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