February 23, 2014

Silly Sunday Finish Smile Power

Terrified of storms, my dog Tidbit woke me before the sun came up on this stormy Sunday morning. Although it was still dark outside, our walk was lit up by lightning so it was easy to find our way to that right spot for her morning potty routine.

Back home, I frowned as I wondered what on earth there was for me to do being unable to power up the computer in such foul weather. Reaching for a coffee cup and finding it was the last clean one on the mug tree, I decided it would be a good time to run the dishwasher.

I remembered I had received a free packet of Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent in the mail this week, so I decided to try it out in the dishwasher.

First things first, read the fine print directions with my aging eyes! Thankfully, my roommate awoke and grabbed his eyeglasses to figure this freebie out for me. Blind leading the blind?

A lot of grumbling later, he chuckled and said, "I figured it out!"

There he stood smiling at me! Rather, the Quantum® Power & Free™ capsules in their packaging foam were staring at me in a silly grin roommate held in his hands.

An hour later, as the storm subsided, my dishes came out of the dishwasher spotless and clean. And now that I can power up my computer, I am wearing a silly smile myself as I write this article to link up with the Silly on Sundays blog hop hosted by Everything Susan.