June 29, 2013

Showers and Thunderstorms

This past week has been a wonderful one with my roommate's brother and wife coming for a visit. They camped right on the Gulf of Mexico just a couple of blocks from our home. Yes, they had a relaxing time and so did I as I got to know them while sitting outside their lovely Greyhawk motorhome. We only got drenched once, although we did get a short shower nearly every day during their visit.

Tom and Markie are now safely back home in Georgia and here I sit with Tidbit nestled nearby just in case she feels the need to hide beneath the desk, again. Yes, Friday was a morning of...

Thunder Shower Rumblings and Dog Grumblings

Funny thing that one of our conversations was about how dogs grumble when the sky rumbles. Markie suggested I get a Thundershirt for Tidbit and explained they really do work! I just might have to get the old girl one to wear now that we live in Florida and seem to have quite a few rumbles from Mother Nature.

If you have a dog...

Does your dog wear a Thundershirt?

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