April 26, 2013

Waltzed the Floors for Sunshine Today

Yes, this is what I worked for today!

I left work just in time to head home and change and with enough tips from serving for the day to purchase myself this lovely sunshine-fork choker!

Yes, I said fork. This lovely is a bent fork with mini jewels added and in this case it is pure sweet sunshine!

Perfect for a waitress with Sunshine as her nickname ... don't you agree?

Designed by a local gal here in Carrabelle, Florida: Ms Howard/Mini-Jewels. She was set up at the CARRABELLE RIVERFRONT FESTIVAL that is going on here in town today and tomorrow.

As it happens, she was in the Hog Wild BAR-B-Q restaurant last week. While taking her order I commented on her unusual and beautiful choker. (Different than mine.) She let me know she would be at the Festival so I was delighted to get off work early enough today to pay her a visit and pick up some sunshine!

Ruthi Wearing Sunshine Fork Choker
by Mini-Jewels
at the Carrabelle Riverfront Festival