June 27, 2012

Junetastic Summer Social and Swag Bucks for Ducks

June is, well... Junetastic! And Swagbucks.com has made it so!

To refresh your memory, in Junetastic Earnings With Swagbucks I told you all about the Swagbucks referral registration code - JUNETASTIC - good through the month of June. Of course, in that article I also listed a dozen different ways you can earn swagbucks.

Next, we had a Dads vs Grads contest. Although I was on the Dads team and we did not win the big bucks, we did get extra swag bucks for team participation.

The week of Father's Day, Swagbucks released 5 Dad/Grad themed Collector's Bills that you could only win through Swagbucks Search, and if you got them all before June 18th, you got a bonus of 10 Swag Bucks. Yes, I got them all!

On June 20th we had a Swag Code Extravanga--an all day hunt for swag codes for a total of 60 swag bucks. I missed 2 of the codes as they were released while I was at work, dangit! But I did find the rest and won some extra swag bucks for the day.

Now, we are having a Swagbucks Summer Social! Swagbucks is making it even more rewarding to refer a friend, because this Thursday, June 28th is the Swagbucks Summer Social. This is a day where every referral you've gotten between 6/20 and the end of 6/28 will earn you matching Swag Bucks on practically everything they earn during the social. (There is a cap of 1000 Swag Bucks per referral.)

I know you do not want to miss out on the Summer Social and the opportunity to begin earning swagbucks to exchange for cash or gift rewards! So sign up for Swagbucks now and don't forget to use the registration code JUNETASTIC for your extra 70 swag bucks upon registration! Then start sharing with your friends right away for the chance for you and them to earn big time!

Oh! I nearly forgot to tell you about the duck that just earned me 10 Swag Bucks! My favorite way to earn swag bucks is using the Swagbucks toolbar as my search engine. I had just read about a children's book titled "It's Useful To Have A Duck" so I, of course, went in search of the book--with my Swagbucks search tool. I did a screen capture to show you what happened when I did so:

Now, if you click on the photo above you will see how I did my search and earn and how I was informed that I had just won 10 Swag Bucks for searching for ducks!

Also, if you look closely at the tabs I have open you will also see "Food Network Star 8 Episode 7". Before I began my search for ducks I had been watching Swagbucks SBTV videos and earning swag bucks too!

So what are YOU waiting for?
Join the Junetastic Earnings with Swagbucks!


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