December 26, 2011


Over the years, for one reason or another, I seem to have lost hold of those customary rituals that escorted me through seasonal festivities and celebrations. At times it seems as though decades of love and of loss have me reminiscing traditions more than giving life to them.

The loss of my pea in a pod, my Aunt Martha Bell, this past year had me wondering what on earth I would do with myself over the winter season, which I had spent mostly with her the past couple of years. Today, I saw a white poinsettia and I knew my aunt wouldn't be happy knowing I am sad, so only loving thoughts of her and a promise to do more than just reminisce in the coming year.

Of course, I had the pleasure of taking part in somewhat of a new holiday tradition this year. I spent Christmas day with my son and his family. Hugging and holding my son and grandson, watching wee ones delighted by anything and everything, new life was breathed unto me.

Most of us have time-honored traditions that spirit us through special holidays and events of our lives. I invite you to share a tradition or two. You never know, you may give me an idea for a new way to celebrate too.