February 9, 2011

Wave the White far Away

It's time for the Catch A Wave Wednesday blog hop hosted by Cindy of Blogging Hints. I'm hoping by riding the Waves for a bit that I can wave all this winter white fluff on the ground to a faraway place!

I really appreciate Cindy hosting Catch a Wave Wednesday. I've met and made a few good blog friends through this blog hop and I always look forward to hopping around to wave to new bloggers each week. So ... Thank you, Cindy!

Cindy featured Riding the Roller Coaster this week, so I stopped by and waved to her. She's got a Battle of the Baggage being fought on the homefront, so I signed up to follow her, as I wouldn't want to miss who ends up packing, er, unpacking!

And now I'm headed to ride a few Waves! See you next week!