March 8, 2010

From the Kitchen

Pangs of hunger in my tummy,
Caused by recipes, all yummy.
Each one I'm determined to cook,
Straight from the pages of a book.
Tonight I asked, "What's for dinner?"
And I found myself a winner.
Smiling sugary sweet as Splenda,
I grabbed my cookbook from Renda!

I settled on a recipe submitted to Renda for Allen's cookbook by Gather Member April H. The recipe was Hash Brown Potato Casserole. I had some leftover ham and a mason jar of home-grown and canned green beans to go with the casserole. Dinner was delicious and the casserole leftovers will be great for breakfast in the morning, with a sunny-side up egg or two!

I'll let Renda tell you herself, all about my cookbook, in the wonderful dedication page found just inside the cover...

Renda, again I thank you! It is an honor to have been a part of your gift to Allen. I will treasure this gift always m'dear! I was delighted to see my Tidbit on the cover of the cookbook, perfect choice, perfect reminder of where it comes from.

What a fabulous collection of recipes from you and Allen, your family and friends, and Gather Friends! You'll see many of the recipes posted here at Gather as I try them all out in my kitchen.


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