February 23, 2014

Silly Sunday Finish Smile Power

Terrified of storms, my dog Tidbit woke me before the sun came up on this stormy Sunday morning. Although it was still dark outside, our walk was lit up by lightning so it was easy to find our way to that right spot for her morning potty routine.

Back home, I frowned as I wondered what on earth there was for me to do being unable to power up the computer in such foul weather. Reaching for a coffee cup and finding it was the last clean one on the mug tree, I decided it would be a good time to run the dishwasher.

I remembered I had received a free packet of Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent in the mail this week, so I decided to try it out in the dishwasher.

First things first, read the fine print directions with my aging eyes! Thankfully, my roommate awoke and grabbed his eyeglasses to figure this freebie out for me. Blind leading the blind?

A lot of grumbling later, he chuckled and said, "I figured it out!"

There he stood smiling at me! Rather, the Quantum® Power & Free™ capsules in their packaging foam were staring at me in a silly grin roommate held in his hands.

An hour later, as the storm subsided, my dishes came out of the dishwasher spotless and clean. And now that I can power up my computer, I am wearing a silly smile myself as I write this article to link up with the Silly on Sundays blog hop hosted by Everything Susan.

February 16, 2014

Silly No Trespassing Sign Haiku

In taking a walk around the neighborhood with my dog Tidbit I came upon a silly sign that beckoned me to cross the line of legality. Instead, I chose to capture its lack of reason with my camera lens and upon the image my thoughts are poetically penned, this time in Haiku rather than in rhyme.

Click the pic for a larger view.

Swing Across the Line

I've a feeling, come Spring, I may just have myself a fling with this swing. What do you think? Should I cross the line of the No Trespassing sign?

Running across this silly sign gave me reason to link up with Everything Susan's Silly on Sundays blog hop. If you have a bit of silliness to share - Come hop along with us!

January 31, 2014

Amazon and Squidoo Golden Opportunity

Today was my Amazon Associate payday and I do enjoy seeing those dollar signs added directly to my bank account as a reward for my work-at-home efforts. I must add, too, that if I had not become a product review writer on Squidoo that I might never have known about affiliate earnings through Amazon being such a golden opportunity.

Squidoo affords me the opportunity to write and publish rave reviews of a variety of products. Consequently, if those items are available for purchase through Amazon I will automatically include them within my article. When a purchase is made via my web page - I earn!

Of course, I also use my direct Associate link within articles here on my blog. For instance, the image and link for the Golden Dollar Sign Porcelain Ornament in this blog article are both directly linked to Amazon via my personal affiliation link, which means if someone clicks on my link to learn more about the ornament, buys it or any other item while browsing through the Amazon marketplace via my link - I earn!

Thank you, Amazon and Squidoo, for being somewhat like the geese that lay golden eggs - FANTABULOUS!

Speaking of fantastic and fabulous things... You, too, are invited to blog about anything you deem such and blog hop along with me for FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!

Feel free to add your blog post link and title anytime during the week to each week's FF post here at abitosunshine. (There is a link-up list at the end of this article for this week!)

Perhaps you are blogging about Squidoo, too. If so, Link that blog post up with Marsha's HOP and SQUIDOO!

January 24, 2014

Boogie on Down to the Main Attraction

My friends who know me well enough to know I do not dance, at all--ever (well, I did once with a very special fella at the wedding of friends of mine) would be proud of me - Today I got up out of my desk chair and boogied! My dog Tidbit thought her Momma had lost her mind and my housemate Scott just laughed and shook his head.

My Fantabulous Boogie Theme Song for Today

A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action - Toby Keith sings the song and I boogie, baby! Yes, I am dancing in my chair as I type this article.

From Whence the Idea Came

My morning reading of Seth Godin's blog post today triggered this boogie-woogie girl into less talk and more action. 

The Main Attraction - REVIEW THIS!

We - a united team of Squidoo Contributors - are putting into practice what Godin refers to as "...your work and your learning benefits you and the people you care about."

Visit us, share us, subscribe to us, and then - REVIEW THIS! You will find we give you links to many writing review prompts in our articles.

How fantastic and fabulous that which we share can be for others. Never doubt it! You never know how what it is you may share that may breathe an idea into the life of another.

I invite you to do just that by sharing something in a blog post of your own and returning here to link it up with FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!

You can link your blog post up right here  at the bottom of this post anytime throughout this week, so if you are busy talking instead of acting today, boogie on back another day!

January 17, 2014

Squidoo Contributors Are Fantabulous

For those who are members of the Squidoo writing community or those of you who are online friendly with a Squidoo writer or a few, you may have already heard about the latest fantastic and fabulous new goings-on, that of Squidoo Contributors. We - yes, I am honored to be one - are FANTABULOUS!

A Contributor on the Squidoo platform is nothing more, nothing less than an authority on a specific topic. Most are considered experts in their designated writing category.

I am going to direct you to just a few of my friends who are official Squidoo Contributors. Each of these writers has written their own introductory article to explain their topic of expertise. And what a FANTABULOUS variety of information they share!

Squidoo Contributors I Highly Recommend

The short list above is just a smattering of topics to be covered by Squidoo Contributors. There are many wonderful writers on Squidoo who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

More FANTABULOUS News For Me Today

My Solar Indoor Sun Chimes article was presented with a Squidoo Purple Star! The editorial team of Squidoo found my article noteworthy and I certainly appreciate the gift ot this award of excellence.

You can be a Squidoo writer too! Join Squidoo today and become part of the pleasure of sharing your creativity and writing treasures.


You can add your blog post link and title anytime during the week to each week's post here at abitosunshine.

Without a doubt you have something fantastic and fabulous to share with the world too. So go ahead, blog about it, and then submit your blog link to the list at the end of this article.

I am also linking this blog post up with HOP and SQUIDOO over at Marsha's Spot, a blog hop for Squidoo Lensmasters and bloggers.

January 12, 2014

Silly Transom Window Visitor

One chilly winter morning, years ago, I awoke to a knocking on my front door. I dragged myself out of the comfort of my warm bed, following my barking dogs to the door. Of course I muttered aloud all the way down the stairs as I fussed with mussed-up hair, "How dare someone wake me at this hour?"

Both dogs, I thought acting silly, sniffed the air as I opened the door to wintry white glare and not a soul stood there. "Well, I declare," I shouted as I followed the pointed up-in-the-air stares and sniffing noses of the canines.

Much to our surprise, a silly squirrel had let himself in and sat still as could be on the transom window sill. Dogs whimpered and whined and danced around the room as I ran to grab a camera to capture a glance of this uninvited visitor of theirs and mine.

Figuring this nutty door knocker seeking shelter from winter winds might be a bit hungry as well as chilly and silly, I handed him a snack of wild bird seed upon which to feed. Sure enough, the critter responded with a raspy sound, seemingly saying, "Thanks a bunch," as I handed him more upon which to munch.

Of course, in the end I had no choice but to chase the poor squirrel back outside, in fear of his hide I thought might just collide with the gnashing of teeth belonging to the dogs beneath his window seat.

With good reason I had given silly squirrel lee from the cold clime for a few moments in time and food for his hungry belly. I smiled as I shooed the nutty fellow out the door, hoping he would one day come back for more.

Do you enjoy my squirrelly poetry and prose? 

If yes, visit Pets and Animals Poetry where there's a bit more in store for you.

Most importantly, if you enjoy a bit of silliness added to your day, or if you wish to share in your own silly way, just hop on over to Everything Susan and join in on her Silly on Sundays blog hop.

I look forward to reading your silly blog post!

January 10, 2014

Help Another Help Oneself

I guess the best way of explaining my Fantabulous Friday topic of the day is a wee explanation of my "abitosunshine" moniker. One word is broken into four - a bit o' sunshine - no letter "f in of" as I use the apostrophe in its place to speed up and smooth out the process.

The process of abitosunshine is quite simple. Every time I spread a bit o' sunshine into the life of another, its rays bounce back at me - tenfold! I've helped someone else and helped myself at the same time. FANTABULOUS!

Now, I have learned to apply this process in support of my friends who work to earn extra income online, just like I am trying to do. A perfect example of this is in the promotion of a friend's design work, in this particular case, her Zazzle store.

In December, Sylvestermouse shared her Flying Seagull Binder. Being a lover of seabirds I was instantly drawn to the beauty. But of course, when I see a good thing I share it! I did just that on my Facebook timeline status.

Now, I also have my own Zazzle store (abitosunshine, go figure!) Checking my earnings at one point I saw that I had earned referral earnings for Sylvestermouse's Seagull! FANTABULOUS!

 I was so excited. Seriously, I get so tickled when I promote something and it sells - that's sunshine, pure and sweet! The really cool thing is that both of us made money on that sale. In fact, each of us made $3 and change. FANTABULOUS! 

Now, you can do exactly the same thing in supporting others and supporting yourself at the same time. All you need to do is get yourself set up as a Zazzle Associate (which automatically makes you an affiliate.) It is not necessary for you to design products of your own (though you might want to) in order to earn income by promoting the designs of others.

How To Become A Zazzle Associate

  1. Visit www.zazzle.com
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. Register with required information.

NOTE: Always sign in before you begin to design or search for products to promote. This will assure that when you click on the "Share" and "Link" button your Zazzle Associate ID will automatically be provided in the links you share.

You are well on your way to promoting others, which is a win-win situation for you both. FANTABULOUS!

Read more here to learn all about FANTABULOUS FRIDAY.

Simply put, we share something fantabulous in a blog post, link it up to the linky list provided at the end of this host post, visit one another's posts throughout the week, wherein we meet and greet and have loads of fantabulous fun!

January 8, 2014

Fantasy Cruise Along

Did I realize my fantasy? Personally, I would prefer to cruise along on Carnival Sunshine. Go figure!

Have a gander at the images of the Carnival Cruise Ships HERE and tell me which word on the ship would be your trip choice.


Linking this photo up with ABRACABADRA for Wordless Wednesday.