October 13, 2017

October Swago Fall Leaves Bonus Spin

Celebrate Fall with Swagbucks Swago and spin to win up to five hundred bonus points. Yes, it is just like playing Bingo. Just perform the activity in each square on your Swago Board and watch the squares change colors just like Autumn leaves on trees!

Play and Earn with Swagbucks Swago

You have from Monday, October 9th at 9am PDT until 12pm PT/3pm ET on Monday, October 16th to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.

Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value. Once you’ve achieved a pattern, the corresponding “Submit” button will light up. You can have multiple patterns available for submission, however, you can only submit ONE pattern so choose wisely.

Don't forget to yell Swago Bingo! when you submit your pattern for Swagbucks bonus reward points!

Each activity you successfully complete on your Swago Board will give you anywhere from one to twenty spins on the Spin & Win Wheel. PLUS, when you submit your board for a bonus you get additional spins. The number of spins will depend on the pattern you complete. The wheel has all sorts of great prizes that you can win, and each spin is a winner!

The Spin & Win Wheel will be available throughout this October Swago and you have until 11:59pm PT on Monday, October 16th to use all your spins.

Complete the entire board of activities for the 500 SB, which is enough for a $5 gift card from the retailer of your choice. Or save your Swago bonus points towards a larger denomination of PayPal cash or gift card redemption.

Click right here right now! Then click "Join" to get started!

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October 4, 2017

Front Porch Intruder Alert

Hearing my dog wildly barking I peeked out the window, wondering who or what I might see.

Intruder Alert: Squirrel Huddled In A Corner
A cat went running across the porch, down the front steps, and on down the street. Yes, that cat went scat when he heard my dog Valentino. My dog has little tolerance for the many stray cats in the neighborhood.

I leashed my boy up, opened the front door, and what did I see? In the corner crouched a small squirrel, apparently hiding behind the broom on the porch. Thankfully, my dog has little interest in squirrels, this one included. Actually, he was too busy trying to find that cat!

Nonetheless, I took the dog for a walk and upon our return the squirrel was gone. No more squirrel, no more cat, dog has taken care of business... Now I can return to my computer work and play for the day!

When it comes to "his front porch" my dog Valentino is the best intruder alert system around. However, it does not hurt to have a security camera system in place too, for when my dog and I are out and about.

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September 28, 2017

Volunteer Plants Produce Pumpkins

Yes! Valentino found another pumpkin in a patch!

My dog Valentino has a nose for the scent of pumpkin fruit on a vine. As we wander around the neighborhood on our dog walks he is quick to show me his nose knows where the good stuff grows.

Dog Valentino Found A Volunteer Pumpkin Patch

Along an alleyway the dog dragged me to a patch of grass with a motley looking vine I recognized as what I thought was a dying pumpkin patch. Sure enough, there was a wee pumpkin growing in its midst.

The owner of the house where Valentino discovered the pumpkin patch was in her yard. I commented to her how much my dog enjoys her pumpkins. She was rather tickled by his vegetarian-like hunting ability.

The woman told me these are volunteer pumpkins. She had not planted the seeds! But she is enjoying these pumpkins too.

The woman also asked me this question: "Did you know that when a vine produces a pumpkin all of the plant nutrients go straight to the fruit growing on the vine and oftentimes its flowers and leaves pretty much die away?"

I had no idea. I learned my something new on this day!

Come walk the dog with me and see a few more pumpkins we found along our way!

A Pumpkin Patch of Reading Pleasure

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