December 14, 2014

Sunshine Served On A Porcelain Plate

Years ago I had a large collection of decorative porcelain plates lining the ceilings of each room of my home. Alas, that was a lifetime ago and my collector plates are long gone. Of course, the memories served upon the designer plates is now held in a special place in my mind.

I recently began designing my line of decorator plate collectibles on Zazzle, a print on demand web site for buying and selling an array of custom-made products. Using my favorite pictures to create decorative porcelain plates for my home and yours is fun (as well as lucrative!)

Today's plate design is the image you now see as the background and header template for this blog, abitosunshine! I think my heaven-sent sunshine looks great no matter where it's found, don't you?

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December 9, 2014

How To Set Up and Create To Sell in a Zazzle Store

What can you do to earn extra income with those fabulous photos of yours? Why, you can set up a Zazzle store!

Using your own photos and graphic design, you can create products to sell to family, friends, and the public. Zazzle is what is known as a print on demand company, which basically means that once you have created your product designs and listed them for sale, Zazzle will print the product when a customer orders it, then ship the item to the customer, and you reap the rewards for the sale via commissions as a Zazzle Associate.

I learned about Zazzle from one of the best - Sandyspider - now, I share knowledge learned over the years with you.

Photo Editing

View and Buy Corel at Amazon
I highly recommend a good photo editing program. I use COREL Paint Shop Pro (not free, but affordable.) Many of my graphic designer peers use Adobe Photoshop.

I use Corel PSP to enhance my own photos--to crop, resize, increase resolution, and more and I use Corel to add text to my images instead of using the text gadget on Zazzle to add to an image once uploaded to a product. Believe me, Corel offers me many more options for image and text editing than any free program I tried in my early graphic designing days.

Step 1 Zazzle Sign Up

Zazzle Sign Up

Begin by completing registration and sign-up at Zazzle! It's an easy and painless process, I assure you.

Step 2 Zazzle Store Set Up

Utilize information from knowledgeable resources. I found a great article to help you with the task of setting up shop at Zazzle: How To Set Up Your Zazzle Store

Step 3 Create and Sell on Zazzle

Create and post your first Zazzle product for sale. Just do it!

Video Tutorial for Adding Products to your Zazzle Store

Zazzle Tips

I design for each product separately making sure my image is sized to fit the product. I do NOT use the 'Quick Create' option. The reason for this is I do not want my designs cut off or resized or reshaped to many products of many different sizes and shapes—they will NOT always look right and that means dissatisfied customers, returns, and less earnings for me!

Use your Zazzle Associate ID (found via your Zazzle account dashboard) to promote all pages and products on the Zazzle website, your own as well as those of others. Yes! You do earn a commission on referral sales for promoting the work of others—IF you remember to use your associate ID.

Discombobulation Design 

I recently published a "guessing game" on the TSU website. I clipped a portion of one of my beach photos and asked them to guess what the picture was and how it became so discombobulated. (Join TSU to view that post.) I received some responses that showed some creative thinking, but Tsu friend Dawn Rae was right on with her answers for the game!

On an evening walk at the beach with my dog Valentino a storm was brewing. My thoughts, as well as the dog's, seemed a bit discombobulated (hence the name of my design) and as I was snapping pictures of the sunset over the pier my jittery Valentino jumped, knocking the cell phone camera out of my hand as I snapped the photo. I recovered and immediately took another picture.

Once home from my beach walk, I downloaded my pictures from my phone and went to work on creating this pillow on Zazzle. Basically, all I did was crop the images to be squared, re-sized them to the product guidelines for resolution and pixel size, and created my discombobulation design!

Sunset Dreams Discombobulation Pillows
Sunset Dreams Discombobulation Pillows by abitosunshine
Check out more Sunset Pillows at Zazzle

I really like my pillow using both my photo and my dog's photo! So tell me, who do you think took a better picture of the sunset - Valentino or Ruthi?

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November 7, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine Valentino

What a blessing it is to awake and greet the day with my foster dog Valentino. He wags his tail to head right out the door to say, "Good morning, Sunshine!"

Valentino Greets a New Day of Sunshine

Today is our second morning together and what a pleasure it is to have Valentino prancing his way throughout our heart and home. I've been sharing our journey over at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits, so be sure to come visit us there for our blog view of this positive experience. It's a PAWSITIVEly precious perspective of a dog's life!

Create With Joy

I could think of no better way to share my new furry friend Valentino with you today than to blog hop along with Friendship Friday over at Create With Joy.