November 12, 2015

Conair Cold Wet Hair Rescue

But of course the dog needs to be walked as soon as you get out of the shower on a cold autumn day! Yes, this recently happened to me and I was reminded of one of those things I left behind when moving me and my dog across the country a few months ago ... my hair dryer!

You see, no matter how one maximizes space when packing a car, not much fits in a little Honda Civic. Friends have been eager to assist in helping me to replace necessities left behind but I figure I packed me, my dog, and my computer--so what else could I possibly need? Well, every now and again something points out a need.

Walking the dog in below forty degrees with wet hair reminded me of that blow dryer I left behind. The next time a friend asked me what I needed I didn't hesitate to say, "A blow dryer! So I don't freeze my head off all winter!"

So here I am fresh out of the shower with my new Conair for my cold wet hair!

Conair to the rescue!

It just so happens that the day the package arrived was another chilly one so it came in handy for another drying of the hair before I walked my dog Valentino in the cool night air! Oh ... That delightful Fleece Sweatshirt in Galapogos Blue I am wearing in the picture was also included with my Conair. Christmas came early for me, yippee!

Nothing could be finer than to be warmed by gifts born of friendship.


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October 13, 2015

Me and V Are Back!

Eleven very long weeks ago my dog Valentino and I began a journey together, moving from the state of Florida to the state of Ohio. I will be sharing many tales of our travels in the coming days but for today I just wanted to say...

Me and V are delighted to be back online with our friends! (So many of whom shared our journey in one way or another.) And let me tell you...

Me and V have experienced rays of sunshine friendship far more heart warming here in central Ohio than we ever did in the Panhandle of the so-called Sunshine State.

Here we sit together enjoying the view from the front porch our new home in Canal Winchester...

Valentino and Ruthi - Canal Winchester, Ohio
Valentino and Ruthi - Canal Winchester, Ohio

July 22, 2015

Goldenrod Wildflower Wisdom

The goldenrod with its symbolism speaks volumes of wisdom to those spirits who welcome its presence. Whether growing wild in nature or as a wildflower grown in a back yard garden, this golden flower provides nectar for wildlife along with healing properties for mankind.

Needless to say, many consider the goldenrod nothing more than a nuisance weed which aggravates their allergies. For me and my dog, this native US flower is nothing to sneeze at!

My Dog Valentino in Goldenrod Wildflowers
My Dog Valentino in Goldenrod Wildflowers

It seems forever ago that I first saw my dog Valentino romp in the goldenrod growing wild on the Florida Panhandle coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, it was just last November, shortly after I opened my heart and home to this hound dog from a local animal shelter.

It warmed my spirit to see my dog sniffing the scent of golden beauty in the air. Yes, I captured the moving moment, adding one of my Dog Pawsitive Tidbits in Haiku poem to the picture.

The seed of the goldenrod is prolific and will take up residence just about anywhere, seemingly happy just to be alive to thrive in the sunshine.

Goldenrod Moving Moments

Now, my dog Valentino and I prepare to leave Florida, moving north to Ohio. Oh yes, the sunny yellow goldenrod thrives in the hills of Ohio too. Naturally, I'll do my best to capture moments of my boy roaming the countryside in a field of golden beauty to share with you, my readers and friends.

Despite drastic changes in our landscape, Valentino and I feel we are well protected by our innate adaptability, just as the goldenrod. We will hold on to the symbolism of the goldenrod wildflower and its healing power as we travel northward on our wondrous adventure.

In the meantime, we wish you the same good luck and good fortune we ourselves hope to find. We will return as soon as possible with our poetry and prose, but until we do our advice to you...

Plant seeds of Goldenrod wildflower wisdom of your own!

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