April 15, 2015

Seeing Red Florida Flower Power

A mid-morning walk with my dog here in the Florida Panhandle had me seeing red, mostly wild flowers growing out of the sandy scrub soil amid forest greenery.

Red is a powerful color that evokes a variety of strong emotions. Of late, I find myself in a mindset that welcomes the intensity of red flower power. My feelings run the gamut from excitement to agitation and on to the ever-present power of love.

Click the pictures for a larger bright red view.

As you can see, even my dog Valentino enjoyed the adventurous hunt for red flowers. He sniffed for bunny rabbits in the bushes as he rushed me from one natural display of red to the next. Naturally, we had to stop to admire the red beauty of the Bottlebrush Tree and its determined spirit.

A lovingly tended floral display in a neighboring front yard produced a brilliant red rose. But of course, that led us to the power of love!

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What do you feel when you see red?

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March 12, 2015

Spring Flowering Cabbages and Plums

Spring is around the corner in my neck of the woods, announced in a flowering display by both ornamental cabbages and kale and blossoms on the plum trees.

When I walk my rural beach neighborhood with my dog, he chases animal wildlife scents while I am on the lookout for the beauty of nature and its seasonal transitions. Throughout winter, I kept an eye on one neighbor's charming little landscape design of potted plants and rocks amid the pine needles around her mailbox.

I awaited the flowering cabbages as a sign that Spring is near. Sure enough — yellow flowers climbed the wooden mailbox post!

One of my neighbors planted a plum tree at the corner of her house years ago. Each year I sit on my deck and await the wonderful white display of tiny flowers that will blow their fragrance my way in the breeze. Then come the plums!

The reddish-yellow plums will feed the wildlife. Under the hungry eye of birds and squirrels the fruit disappears faster than it ripens to fall off the tree!

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What signs of Spring are beginning to appear in your corner of the world?

February 15, 2015

Common Buckeye Butterfly Capture

I so enjoy chasing butterflies while walking with my dog here in the Florida Panhandle along the Gulf of Mexico.

My catch of today? The Common Buckeye Butterfly — lying on the ground right in front of my coonhound's nose!

This butterfly blended into its surroundings so well that had it not been for my dog Valentino I doubt I would have seen it. I tugged gently at the dog's lead, just enough to move his head, so I could click that picture before the Buckeye fluttered away. And onto a decorative porcelain plate it went!

The Common Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia Coenia Hübner) is found throughout the state of Florida throughout the entire year. These butterflies make their way as far north as Canada and south into Mexico. It generally winters along the Gulf Coast. Lucky for me!

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